Shave the Bear

Shave the Bear (DE)

Sat May 11 starts at 23:00

The four guys from 'Shave The Bear' formed at the end of 2015 and are dedicated to NuMetal, crossover and alternative from the “good young/old days”. From Limp Bizkit to Rage Against the Machine, Korn and P.O.D. They have a variety of things in their program, right down to the Beastie Boys. Party, good atmosphere and participation is the motto that drives 'Shave The Bear'. They interpret the party classics in their own, slightly harder style and bring them to the stage.
Scary Mary

Scary Mary (NL)

Sat May 11 starts at 21:45

Scary Mary's music is a mix of rap with grunts/screams, supported by thundering bass parts, pounding drums and screaming metal guitar. Alternated with mellow vocals and groovy beats. If you like loud aggressive music you should definitely not miss this band. Check them out on bandcamp. Shadows of the Past album