Pandora's Key

Pandora's Key (NL)

Fri July 26 starts at 23:00

Dark and intense, full of compelling melodies and catchy riffs. Pandora's Key tells about mythical themes and links with modern issues. The band is always looking for the beauty in the darkness. Pandora's Key will appeal to fans of Epica, Nightwish, Kamelot, After Forever and Visions of Atlantis.

Thoughtless (NL)

Fri July 26 starts at 22:00

Thoughtless has been around since the end of 2015. The North Holland band brings a mix of heavy metal with a good dose of thrash metal influences. Expect nice catchy songs supported by the strong vocals of the energetic frontwoman Rebecca Hartog. A package that guarantees an evening of headbanging in Amsterdam.
Myth Of Origin

Myth Of Origin (NL)

Fri July 26 starts at 21:00

Myth Of Origin is Dutch five-piece Symphonic Metal band with a flair for dark, ethereal music. Their sound is a lovely blending of many different elements, including some Electronic and Techno stylings, but the single biggest influence is throughout Gothic Metal. Powerful vocals and power melodies combine for a great listen. They are definitely a band to listen to now and watch for in the future as they are definitely part of the next wave of greats.