Andralls (BR)

Sat June 1 starts at 22:00

The São Paulo thrash metal band Andralls is known for its fast and aggressive approach, calling itself 'Fasthrash'. Recently, the band became a quartet, with the addition of Renato Carvalho (bass) and Guilherme Goto (guitar) alongside two founders Alex Coelho (vocals and guitar) and Alexandre "Xandão" Brito (drums). Andralls emerged in 1998. They released various albums and did tours in South America and Europe, participated in important festivals and opened for renowned bands such as Judas Priest, Exodus and Sodom. The name was inspired by the Andraus Building, the cemetery of a tragic fire in 1972. Currently, Andralls is rehearsing and preparing for future shows in Brazil and Europe in 2024, as well as working on their new album, scheduled for the first half of next year.