Ruff Magik

Ruff Magik (SA)

Sat June 8 starts at 23:00

There is no white magic, there is no black magic, there is only Ruff Majik. Ruff Majik has never been a band to do the same thing twice. From trying out different production styles for every release, playing mixtures of genres ranging from soul to black metal, to releasing a season-based EP series (later compiled into a full album), the band has always strived to keep themselves and their fans on their toes. Expect a very energetic stage jumping rock show.
Green Policy

Green Policy (NL)

Sat June 8 starts at 22:00

Green Policy is "the" stoner/grunge band from Utrecht. Drawing on influences from the 70's and 90's, the group makes rough music with dirty guitars, raw vocals and a pounding/debilitating backline. With lots of beer, mosh pits and a shitload of energy, these men provide a grueling performance.