Von Veh

Von Veh (NL)

Sat July 20 starts at 22:00

Von Veh is a 5-piece band from Amsterdam and falls into the Alternative Rock category and is inspired by bands such as Pixies, PJ Harvey, and Sonic Youth. Characteristic of Von Veh are the intense performances of their true songs, with a lot of attention to the lyrics.
The Young The Wounded

The Young The Wounded (NL)

Sat July 20 starts at 23:00

Getting older? “It's just a scratch...come here you coward, I'll bite your legs off” (Monty Python) 3 Veterans with a wealth of experience and dated performances, roaring guitars and devastating drums and... back pain the next day. Anyway, some call it Stoner, Psychedelic Space Rock blah blah…they call it The Young The Wounded